Peter Maund's medieval music workshop informal concert

by Mark Middlebrook

Sponsored by Team Rioja: "We're serious...about having fun."

A group of dedicated San Francisco Bay Area early music aficionados got together under the tutelage of Peter Maund for a six-week instrumental ensemble class on the Cantigas de Santa Marķa and other medieval music. We celebrated with an informal "graduation concert" at Diesel bookstore. There are likely to be more workshops and more concerts at Diesel, so stay tuned.

When: Saturday 22-Apr-2000
4:00 PM

Where: Diesel - A Book Store
5433 College Avenue
Oakland, CA

How much: Free.

Illumination from Greg Lindahl's Cantigas Web pages.

Diesel is on College Avenue between Hudson and Forest Streets in Oakland, near the Rockridge BART station. Click here to see a map.

Our informal concert will feature several of the Cantigas de Santa Marķa from the 13th century Spanish codex of King Alfonso X ("El Sabio"). We'll also play a section from a 9th century Andalusian Nuba, a Turkish instrumental piece, and perhaps some other surprise compositions.

You'll hear a variety of weird and wonderful medieval instruments, including vielles, recorders, oud, gittern, and plenty of percussion.

Thanks to the San Francisco Early Music Society for helping to publicize the original class.

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