Zomerzang 1999 photos

Iranzu to Barcelona

by Mark Middlebrook

Click on any photograph for a larger view. Photos by Mark Middlebrook unless otherwise noted.

014-04-iranzu_repair-s.jpg 800 year old monasteries occasionally need repair. 016-32-iranzu_arch-s.jpg
p1999-avdb-maria_cheryl-s.jpg Cheryl gets to practice her music and her Spanish with María Jesús. (Photographs by Anke van den Berg). p1999-avdb-cheryl_study-s.jpg
A Little Eclipse Music. 015-36-iranzu_eclipse-s.jpg
015-30-vim_and_sytse_iranzu-s.jpg Wim and Sytse engaging in our nightly ritual at the Iranzu Bar.
016-10-carla_iranzu-s.jpg Carla and Clara. 016-25-clara_iranzu-s.jpg
012-15-toro_de_fuego-s.jpg Fiesta in Abárzuza. 015-10-abarzuza_boys-s.jpg
Anke in Leira. 016-00-anka_leira-s.jpg
017-29-poblet-s.jpg Poblet. Are the monks finished eating yet? 017-09-poblet_sunset-s.jpg
Montblanc reahearsal. (The painting depicts St. George slaying a vielle player who refused to play in tune.) 017-13-montblanc_rehearsal-s.jpg
017-02-santes_creus-s.jpg Santes Creus. n7129-10-santes_creus_dog_and_emilie-s.jpg
Kit takes off her shoes to set a spell in Montserrat. n7129-07-montserrat_kit_bigfeet-s.jpg
p1999-ew-mandc_laugh-s.jpg The farewell dinner in Barcelona: laughing just to keep from crying? (Photo by Eleanor Warfield?)

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