Zomerzang 1997 photos

Iranzu to Santiago de Compostela

by Mark Middlebrook

Click on any photograph for a larger view. Photos by Mark Middlebrook unless otherwise noted.

The happy couple in Iranzu. (Photograph by Nancy Fahringer.) p1997-nf-mandc_iranzu-s.jpg
n6718-33-torres_de_rio-s.jpg Torres de Río.
El Cid checks into a hotel in Burgos. n6718-13-burgos_el_cid.jpg
n6718-35-castrojeriz_o_mors-s.jpg Castrojeriz: O Mors, O Aeternitas (which is about how we felt that afternoon). n6718-34-castrojeriz_o_aeternitas-s.jpg

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