Team Rioja: Books

"We're serious...about having fun."

by Mark Middlebrook

...y así, del poco dormir y del mucho leer, se le secó el celebro, de manera que vino a perder el juicio.
-- El Quixote, I.1.

Good books

The following are mini-reviews of a few favorite books. I originally wrote them (the reviews, that is) for the "Ex Libris Alumnorum" column in the St. John's College Reporter.

[Moral exhortation and confession: I've included a link to for each book, primarily so that you can find out more about the title. If you're fortunate enough to live near an independent bookstore, then you should support it whenever possible by buying your books there (or support your local library by borrowing books from there). If you ignore my exhortation and buy from after arriving there from a link on this page, I'll receive a modest commission on your purchase, and both of us will go to hell.]


Bad books

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